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Fushun Research Institute of Petroleum and Petrochemicals (FRIPP), directly under the leadership of SINOPEC., was founded in 1953 and is the first domestic research institute engaged in the development of oil-related technologies. After 50 years of strenuous and pioneering efforts, FRIPP has grown into a comprehensive science & technology development base with hydro-catalysis, bioengineering, environmental protection, asphalt and specialty waxes as the core research & development fields, and petrochemical technology and research facility development as key research fields.

FRIPP locates in Wanghua District, Fushun, Liaoning and it covers an area of 210000 square meters. It also possesses more than 200 large-scale analysis equipments and nearly 200 bench-scale and pilot plant units for R&D of refining and petrochemicals technologies, of which nearly 60 are world advanced hydrogenation plants.

The main R & D activities of FRIPP are based in the following areas:
* Hydrocracking processes and catalysts
* Distillates hydrofining processes and catalysts
* Residue hydrotreating processes and catalysts
* Paraffin waxes and special solvent oil hydrofining processes and catalysts
* Semi-regenerative fixed-bed reforming processes and catalysts
* Bioengineering technologies
* Technologies for treatment of waste gas, wastewater and waste residue in oil fields and petrochemical plants
* Petroleum asphalt and specialty waxe products
* Fundamental research in hydroprocess catalysis
* Catalyst characterization
* Hydro-catalysis dynamics and process simulation software
* Crude oil evaluation and oil product analysis
* Standardization of petroleum wax
* Computer application
* Research facilities and equipments

By the end of 2007, FRIPP has obtained over 332 scientific and technological achievements, 20 of which were awarded the state prizes for Scientific and Technological Progress and Technology Invention. FRIPP has applied 1236 domestic patents and 85 foreign patents, 838 of them were granted patent rights. Nowadays, FRIPP’s hydro-catalysis technologies have stepped up the best and worldwide advanced. Such technology is one of the most important and effective way to produce clean fuel. FRIPP has developed several hydrocracking processes such as high pressure hydrocracking, medium pressure hydrocracking, mild hydrocracking, medium pressure hydroupgrading and related 10 categories, over 30 hydrocracking catalysts. In hydrofining fields, FRIPP has developed high LHSV pre-hydrofining for reformer feed, low pressure jet fuel hydrofining, hydrotreating for heavy gas oil , hydroupgrading for poor quality diesel (MCI), FHI- diesel hydroupgrading- isodewaxing process, hydrofining for ultra-low sulfur diesel production, medium pressure hydrofining for paraffin wax, FCC gasoline selective HDS technology processes and related catalysts, which can meet the needs of hydrotreating with feedstock for producing clean fuels and high quality petroleum wax as well as special oils. In residue hydrotreating fields, FRIPP has developed 5 categories, around 50 catalysts, most of which have been commercialized. FRIPP also has developed high-grade road asphalt, emulsified asphalt and high quality construction asphalt production technologies and over 100 kinds of specialty waxes used in electronics, rubber, agriculture, machinery, automobile, daily chemistry etc, part of them have been applied worldwide. In petrochemical and biochemical engineering, FRIPP has successfully developed the methyl isobutyl ketone synthesizing process via butene hydration and dehydrogenation, diphenylamine synthesizing process from aniline, biofermentation technology for producing long chain dicarboxylic acid and Musk-T, and hot-melt adhesives synthesizing process. In the field of environmental protection, FRIPP has developed series of technologies for treating waste gas, wastewater and waste residue in oil fields and petrochemical plants, and possessed the Class A Certificate for EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment). Besides, the research facilities developed by FRIPP such as true boiling point distillatory, cetane number analyzer as well as the hydrogenation pilot plant units have also been widely used in refineries.

FRIPP is always active in providing related technical services to customers, such as technical consultation, licensing and package technology development. The achievements of FRIPP have applied in enterprises in 24 provinces or cities in China, which bring large economical benefits.

FRIPP will adhere to its values of  "Solidarity, Development, Innovation and Preciseness" and strive to build itself a world-class research center with "first class facilities, first class professionals, first class management and first class research achievement" and provide more powerful technical support for the continuous, effective and harmonious development of SINOPEC.




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